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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Where is Intense Oud located ?

We are a US Based Company. We are located at 5875 N Lincoln Ave Suite 132 , Chicago , IL 60659

Is Intense Oud the Authorize seller for the Rasasi , Ajmal , Swiss Arabian , Arabian Oud Perfumes ?

Yes - Intense Oud is a Authorized Seller for Rasasi , Ajmal , Swiss Arabian , Arabian Oud Perfumes . If you need more details please reach out to our team and we will provide additional information : 

Where is your Fullfilment Center/Warehouse and how long does it takes before we receive products?

We are located in Chicago , IL . All orders are processed the very next day and typically it takes between 2 to 4 days depending on the state where the order is placed.

What if We Are Not Satisfied With The Product?

If the product didn't turn out to be as expected , then you can request for a return for the product.

Does Intense Oud Have a Physical Store

Currently Intense Oud does not have a physical store and are completely based online. You can place your order online and it will be delivered in 2 to 4 days.

Can I Place an Order and Come Pick it up?

Yes , we are located in Chicago and if you would like to pick your order from the head office . We would make arrangements for it

Do You Offer Corporate Gifting?

Yes. We offer corporate gifting . Please reach out to for more details.

I Have More Questions?

We are here to address all your questions regarding Intense Oud, Feel Free to Reach out to Us and we ensure you're queries are answered.

You can submit your questions and feedback HERE

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