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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team: Passionate. Energetic. Excellence. 

Abdul Karim Ahmed

Chief Executive Officer  

Hafsa Abdul

Chief Operations Officer  

Bilal Raza

Brand Manager 

Ashok Malhi

Senior Lead Developer

Neha Jaweed

Customer Success Specialist

Fariha Junagadhwala

Customer Smiles Specialist

Adina Ismail

Inventory Team Member


Fulfillment Team Assistant

Zain Jaweed

Inventory Team Member

International Team

  • Rehana Ahmad
  • Ahmed Wali Mohammad
  • Abhijeet
  • Anupriya Verma


  • Divya
  • Neha Rajput
  • Shubham Nigam
  • Vikram Roy


  • Sapna Dorbi
  • Moattar Raza
  • Bipin Chand
  • Dan Bakkar


  • Jason Roy
  • Mayank Singh
  • Kush Gupta 
  • David White
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