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San Antonio, TX

Dear Neha,

I received the Oudh oil today! Thank you so much for your assistance and GREAT customer service. The samples you included are beautiful fragrances. I'm sure I'll purchase one of them soon. :~) Again,many thanks for your time and I'll definitely make my future fragrance purchases from Intense Oud. You're the best! Take care and be well.

Warm regards,


Chicago , IL

This is the most beautiful fragrance of any incense that I have ever had/burnt/smelled. Very pleasing aroma. Was a little strange when I opened the jar....but the seeds/grass/ whatever it is burns nicely on the charcoal in my incense burner.

Absolutely fabulous!
Thank you!!!



Philidelphia, PA

I am quiet impressed with this seller. The packaging and attention to detail is top notch. They include an original bag from the perfume house with the perfume which for some might not be anything but it brought back so many memories for me. The shipping was super quick. Highly recommend and I will definitely try to follow the store (once I figure out how) and purchase more from them. The perfume itself is a staple in my home, I use the bukhoor and room spray as well, and have probably bought 6 bottles of the perfume alone (that’s a lot considering I’m a perfume collector and almost never finish a bottle). It’s a typical middle eastern Oud/floral combo, nothing ground breaking but very pleasant. The florals notes used are unique so not the usual rose.



New York, NY

Way beyond what I expected ... RASASI Fragrances always deliver ... Thanks Intense Oud for this sale. FAST DELIVERY - Packaged Perfecto. Great for evening out but really anytime is good



Skokie, IL 

Very Kind person and businessman who understood my query. He have me hope in getting my perfum by May 10. Ala bless him



Detroit , MI

Excellent seller, great customer service, responded promptly to my messages. will definitely buy again


Jimmy Santos

Caguas, PR

Dear Intense Oud Team, just a quick note to confirm receipt of my order today.
So happy and what a surprise for gift wrapping each fragrance gave me so much pleasure unwrapping and discovering each essence.
So grateful for your kindness for the gift Rasasi Hawas so precious.
God bless each and everyone and may all your wishes come true in 2020!

Jimmy Santos

Chris Dietrich

Thorp, WI

Hello! This is Chris Dietrich who recently placed an order for you. I already received my order! WOW...I can't believe how fast I received the perfumes I ordered. I also want to say how beautiful you packaged the perfumes I received. Stunning presentation to say the least! And, a hand written card, the beautiful box with the little soap item and Shurah and Him and Her. And, I need to let you know how good the Qasat Bareeq perfume smells. It's amazing! The bottle is just beautiful to say the least. Thanks again so much!!!! I love love love your store. And, I'm back to order more. I want to order 1 of the other Qasamat after I smell the 2 samples you sent of them. I give Intense Oud 1000% customer service satisfaction and 100-stars if I could!

Chris Dietrich

Mallory Matthews

Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to say thank you for the superb professionalism and care to which you packaged the perfume/scent items I bought from you. I appreciate the excellent service and am leaving you five wonderful stars. Thanks!!

Mallory Matthews

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