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Servicing Latin America, Exclusively!

Welcome to Intense Oud, your gateway to the enchanting world of Arabian perfumes. We're thrilled to bring our exquisite range of fragrances directly to South America.

Our mission is to elevate your business with authentic, high-quality scents and exceptional service.

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We are thrilled to announce that IntenseOud is now directly supplying our exquisite Middle Eastern perfumes to retailers across Latin America! This exciting development means our valued retailers will enjoy faster delivery times, better prices, and a more personalized service experience.

By cutting out the middlemen, we can bring the rich, luxurious scents of IntenseOud straight from our hearts to your shelves, ensuring authenticity and unmatched quality. Join us in this new chapter and let your customers indulge in the captivating aromas of the Middle East, now more accessible than ever. Embrace the allure of IntenseOud and elevate your fragrance offerings today!

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